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Corporate profile

White Energy Group

We provide our customers with energy efficiency solutions


About us

White Energy Group is an energy services company specialized in consulting, implementation and support for companies wishing to find solutions in order to reduce energy costs, obtain white certificates or gain other incentives. Whitenergy has developed the Virtual Energy Platform®, a proprietary innovative Energy Intelligence system, that monitors consumption and provides IoT based reports on an entirely online platform, and is accessible from any device, including PCs, tablets and mobile phones. Whitenergy brings an innovative approach to the market, which combines strong skills in the energy efficiency field with knowledge of IT, IoT and Energy Intelligence.

What we do

White Energy proposes and invests directly in projects for energy efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, across the industrial, agro-food and civil sectors. We are qualified as an ESCo by the GSE Energy Services Manager and we operate on the main environmental markets managed by the GME Energy Markets Manager.

We consult on obtaining and managing white certificates portfolio and other incentives related to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We focus on high value-added services such as advanced TEE portfolio management, Blue Certificates, Virtual Energy Platform® and Cogeneration. We manage complex projects through two subsidiary companies, Green Geotermia Padova, which builds geothermal district heating plants, and Green Efficiency Solutions, which builds cogeneration plants serving industrial production sites.

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