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Our strategic partners are manufacturers of complementary technologies, distribution companies of electrical and thermal energy, O&M, Energy Manager and EPC.Together with them we are committed to the diffusion of energy-efficient technologies and the generation of added value for the end customer.


BDO - Audit and business consulting

Blue Geo and Blue Bio services: BDO performs a complementary activity in the definition of the Blue Certificates determination models, for certifications and studies related to the facilities for district heating powered by biomass and geothermal energy, and finally for the operational clarifications provided by the Tax Agency.

IDROGEO - Geology and Geothermal Energy

Blue Geo and Blue Bio services: geothermal energy for air conditioning and for the production of electricity is a fast-developing sector. In partnership with Whitenergy, IdroGeohandles the services related to the research and management of geothermal resources as well as integrated projects for energy production and air conditioning with low environmental impact systems.

UNICAL AG – High-efficiency steam generators

White Plus Services: Unical is the Italian leader in the production of high-performance steam generators, strengthened by patents that make them highly efficient and strongly distinctive in the market. Unical and Whitenergy work together to offer efficiency solutions to customers that provide them with gas savings for plant renewal as well as with the achievement of TEEs for greater efficiency.


Green CHP Services: Mercurio 200 is an engineering service company specialized in the design, supply, construction and management of mechanical and electrical systems with specific reference to cogeneration. Mercurio 200 is able to supply solutions from 50 kW up to 1 MW and, thanks to a partnership with Kawasaki, the company is able to offer cogeneration plants from 1.6 MW to 30 MW. In partnership with Whitenergy they combine these activities with the supply of energy efficiency solutions.

AB ENERGY - Cogeneration plants

Green CHP Services: Green CHP services: AB Energy SpA, one of the market leaders in cogeneration, with over 1,000 plants installed and operated worldwide, works with Whitenergy in the engineering, design, delivery, installation, commissioning and testing of ECOMAX 20 cogeneration plants NGS, on complex projects executed through SPV.

EXERGY – Cogeneration plants

Green CHP Services: EXERGY - leader in the supply of ORC systems and part of the Maccaferri Industrial Group is the Whitenergy supplier for turnkey construction solutions for thermal energy production plants from industrial heat recovery, mainly steelworks and glassworks, on complex projects executed through SPV.

VIESSMANN - Heating and air conditioning systems

Green Heat Services: Viessmann is a world leader in the production of innovative heating and air conditioning systems for the home, industrial systems, and refrigeration systems. Viessmann and Whitenergy cooperate in order to support mutual commercial development regarding the thermal recovery and use of biomass boilers.

GRUNDFOS - Pumping systems

Green Drive Services: Grundfos is a global leader in advanced pumping solutions and a trendsetter for all H2o technology applications. It is the Whitenergy supplier for industrial pumping systems related to the Green Drive service.

SPIRAX SARCO - Thermal energy products and solutions

Green Steam Services: SpiraxSarco Italia offers several services related to plant efficiency and through these it is a strategic partner for energy efficiency. In partnership with Whitenergy, it offers a series of advanced industrial solutions for condensate drains for the Green Steam service, develops the monitoring of condensate drains carried out at Whitenergy customer facilities, evaluates the installed steam distribution system and condensate return with the relative controls useful to pursue a strategic policy of energy saving and production efficiency.


VEP service: Advantech is a leading brand in innovative intelligent IoT systems, Industry 4.0, embedded industrial automation, with a turnover of over $ 1.5 billion per year. Whitenergy uses hardware, the Advantech products in the VEP platform related to the IoT world. Moreover, Whitenergy included in its VEP platform, software side, Webaccess Scada, a system of Advantech very versatile both in communication with different brands of measuring instruments and for performing retrofit operations.

ISOIL - Industrial control measuring instruments

VEP service: Isoil offers solutions, systems and tools for measurement, automation and control of industrial processes. Whitenergy uses Isoil tools in particular for the measurement of the ultrasonic thermal energy of geothermal systems on important pipelines, from Dn150 upwards. The Isoil devices, reliable and accurate, have all European certifications and are a consolidated product within the quality standard of Whitenergy.

NETSOUL - Software development and integration

VEP service: Whitenergy has entrusted Netsoul with the development of the web based software platform "VEP" and the applications associated with it. In the development activity, Netsoul follows the design guidelines of the Whitenergy technicians regarding energy efficiency algorithms, integration with the tools for collecting data on the field and the IoT part.