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    Together we can change
    to live sustainably
    We deal with energy efficiency and rational energy use.
    We are considerate of environmental issues and sustainable development,
    and of the production of clean, non-pollutant energy.
    This kind of awareness is the key to overcoming current pollution
    and climate change issues.
  • We collect the capital
    necessary to finance the initiative
    Some projects require no customer investment.
    In fact, Whitenergy acquires the necessary capital
    to finance the initiative, returning the investment through
    the savings generated.
    We propose an integrated approach
    to energy efficiency
    We offer our customers a range of solutions based on an integrated approach to energy efficiency:
    auditing, consulting, capital funding, risk analysis, installation and monitoring of consumption.
    Our way of operating is based
    on the sharing of interests
    We offer to Customers and Partners the opportunity to share the benefits created.
    We carry out Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) with the aim
    of allowing our Customers to make energy savings.