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The BLUE BIO solution with a new boiler

The customer company must renovate its heating systems, which consist of an old 1.6 MWth biomass boiler. The solution identified uses a new boiler constantly supplied with biomass, which is able to access the ContoTermico 2.0 Renewable Heat Incentive.

Situation prior to intervention
The company used 2,000 tons of biomass (wood chips). The cost of heat production was € 60.00 per tonne, or approximately € 120,000 a year.

Proposed solution and post-intervention situation
Following a technical and economic analysis, Whitenergy proposed the installation of a new biomass boiler with a higher power than the one required by the plant, so as to supply heat to other nearby users.
The investment required for the biomass boiler and connection of the utilities amounted to €250,000. The accessible Blue Certificates reach a total of € 105,000 a year. Additionally, the annual ContoTermico instalment is equal to € 96,000 per year for 5 years.