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The BLUE GEO solution for an existing geothermal well

The client is a farm that grows its produce in greenhouses over total area of 10 ha, which uses heat extracted from geothermal wells to heat the greenhouses.

Situation prior to intervention
The company spent 120,000€ a year on electricity for the extraction and reinjection of geothermal resource.
Additional costs include ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the energy system, in particular for the highly used submersed pumps.
The estimated average heat requirement of the greenhouses is approximately 10,000 MWh per year.

Proposed solution and post-intervention situation
Following a technical analysis, Whitenergy recognised the plant as a beneficiary of Blue Certificates.
The certificate value to which the company can gain direct access is € 100,000 per year.
Whitenergy offered the customer an additional opportunity to access the full potential of the incentive, through investing in measurement equipment necessary to record energy and taking over management of the resources. In this case, Whitenergy assumed the role of Heat Manager, which allows the client farm to benefit from Blue Certificates for a total annual amount of € 220,000.