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Green Air intervention in the industrial sector

Chemical plant in northern Italy, active in the production of "chemicals" used in the aluminum industry. Although the compressors used are not obsolete, the network has never been maintained and is highly inefficient, also in consideration of the fact that one works in a continuous 24-hour cycle throughout the year.

Situation prior to intervention
There are 2 fixed point compressors and 1 variable speed compressor that modulates the flow rate. The annual energy expenditure for compressed air production is € 155 thousand.

Proposed solution and post-intervention situation
Whitenergy, following a complete survey of the compressed air network performed using the ultrasound method for leak detection and measuring the electrical absorption of the compressors, identifies the ideal solution. This is the installation of a compressor room management system that starts with field-installed measurement sensors (compressed air and electricity), combined with a proactive maintenance plan to contain leaks, which consists of periodic repetition of the survey and in the repair of detected losses. The results of the operation are:

- saving of electricity for the compressors' supply, thanks to a significant reduction in the flow rate processed and the annual volume of compressed air produced.

The investment is fully supported by Whitenergy. The customer benefits from the sharing of total savings of 28 k € / year and no longer has to deal with the maintenance activities of the network that are taken over by Whitenergy.