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GREEN CHP intervention with revamping of existing plant

Paper mill owner of a 6 MW cogeneration plant comprising a gas turbine and a HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator). The client constantly requires electricity and steam: a minimum of 8,000 h per year in a continuous cycle. The plant, which has been in operation for almost 20 years, shows inefficiencies compared with current average market level.

Situation prior to intervention
The paper mill had an energy expenditure of 5 million euros a year to supply the cogeneration plant. Additionally, frequent shutdowns that forced the paper mill to obtain energy from the electricity grid at a much higher price resulted in high maintenance costs.

The proposed intervention and post-intervention situation
Following a technical and economic analysis, Whitenergy renovated the cogeneration plant using more efficient technologies, thereby guaranteeing an electric turbine efficiency of over 30%. The results of the renovation are:

- savings on costs incurred through the purchase of gas for the joint production of electricity and steam, corresponding to € 1.5 million a year;
- access to the TEE-CAR system for 10 years;
- savings on cogeneration plant maintenance and on damages from plant shutdown.

The investment, management and maintenance of the plants are fully supported by Whitenergy. Whitenergy manages generation and provides the paper mill with electrical and heat energy at an agreed price, guaranteeing minimum savings. Generated TEEs are shared between the parties.