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Green Steam intervention in the industrial sector

Dairy plant in Central Italy, active in the production of dairy products and derivatives. Steam is produced by two methane generators. The network has never been maintained and is highly inefficient, considering that we work continuously 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Situation prior to intervention
There are about 80 condensate drains, which have never been verified. The annual energy expenditure for steam production is € 500k.

Proposed solution and post-intervention situation
Whitenergy, following a complete survey of the steam network with thermography and ultrasound performed on 80 dischargers and through the measurement of generation yields and steam quality, identifies the ideal solution. This is the installation of a wireless diagnostic system for critical condensate drains, combined with a customized maintenance plan. The results of the operation are:

- gas savings for the steam generators, thanks to a significant reduction in the processed flow and the annual volume of steam produced.

The investment is fully supported by Whitenergy. The customer benefits from the sharing of total savings of 62 k € / year and no longer has to take care of network maintenance and verification of condensate drains