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EPC Guaranteed Saving cogeneration plants

Green CHP

What is cogeneration

Cogeneration consists of the combined production, in a single process, of electrical or mechanical and heat energy. It represents one of the main energy efficiency measures in the industrial world, as it favours the greater energy autonomy of a plant.

In Italy, high-efficiency cogeneration is incentivized through the White Certificates system.

The Green CHP Service

GREEN CHP has several further economic advantages in addition to the energy savings guaranteed by autonomous energy production, such as,gaining high yield cogeneration TEEs (CAR White Certificates); the possibility of providing interruptible power without the issue of energy supply interruption; tax exemption on gas used by the cogenerator and boilers for steam or hot water production, where the plant is linked to a district heating network.

With the EPC (Energy Performance Contract) contractual formula Whitenergy invests directly in customized technologies and maintenance plans, providing customers with minimum warranted savings.

Who is it for?

Green CHP is designed for companies with a cogeneration plant that has been in commercial operation for at least ten years, or for companies who do not have autonomous production facilities but have a noteworthy profile of both electricity and heat consumption.
In particular, in the following sectors: industrial, services (in particular large-scale retail outlets and hospital), in the agribusiness, in the civil - residential sector (accommodation facilities, medium and large condominiums).

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