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Generation and Management of Energy Efficiency Certificates

White PLUS

What are Energy Efficiency Certificates

The Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE), or White Certificates, are negotiable securities that certify savingsin electricity or fossil fuels, each corresponding to one ton of oil equivalent.

According to the TEE system it is mandatory for electricity and natural gas distributors to achieve certain primary energy savings targets eachyear. The subjects can also meet this obligation by purchasing the TEEs from an ESCo (Energy Service Company), on a specific stock exchange market (TEE Market).

The White Plus Service

The WHITE PLUS service consists of the design and implementation of a project to obtain TEE. Whitenergy, thanks to the deep knowledge of the industry regulations and of project verification bodies, guarantees the certainty of attaining the result in the simplest possible manner.

Through the technical and administrative support of an Energy Manager certified according to UNI CEI 11339, Whitenergycarries out the feasibility study of energy efficiency projects, supports the customer in the presentation of the access application, and finally handles the sale of TEEs on the market or through bilateral contracts.

Who is it for?

White Plus is designed for all companies in the industrial, manufacturing, agri-food and services sectors that wish to apply to the GSE for the generation of TEE, following energy efficiency measures.

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